Choosing the Stories we Tell.

We are name giving, story telling, meaning making beings.

The stories we tell ourselves define who we are and what we are capable of.

Our super power is the ability to choose which stories we tell ourselves.

A story of empowerment or one of victimization.

A story of constant learning and growth or one of getting older and weaker.

Here’s to creating a story of connection and love, of growth and joy of oneness with nature and of unity.

A story as if we had seen the world from space and truly understood that we are one small, fragile, beautiful planet 🌍 🌏🌎, a completely interdependent system of beautiful people, plants and animals, of the seasons of the elements.

We are unique in the known cosmos 🌖🌞💫🪐

Let’s breath deeply and remember we are not separated, we all share the same atoms, the same desires, the same chemicals and have the same basic needs.

There is still enough of everything to go around and to support us all in a good life.

let’s not buy into a story of scarcity and lack, it’s not true, not yet, not unless enough of us tell ourselves it’s true.

Let’s remember our strength and our courage, our hearts and our love. Let’s stand strong and remember what unites us, what makes us happy and free.

Here’s to you! And here’s to me! And here’s to us! I’m off to hug a tree! 😜

“Share beauty, connect deeply, be grateful, live whole heartedly. A human on a jouney of learning and growth.”